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  • Kendra Beeson
    I agree with everything except the $20 minimum wage. If you do that the jobs the food service positions will dry up and the people that already has those jobs will lose hours and or medical benefits. I say this because of what happened the last time minimum wage was raised.
  • Cameron Sieradzan
    Robert! It looks like you have a great platform, but you stopped me in my tracks at โ€˜Abolish I.C.E.โ€™ May I ask why? There are an outrageous amount of people who are absolutely more in the middle, and would be appealed by your stances on issues. There are a few of your stances that are blatantly far left, and as a young voter passing by, I would have to admit that it was less appealing. I wanted to just share an opinion as Iโ€™m sure you would appreciate it.