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I am running for US Congress NC District 13 to build independent power for working people - not the wealthy.


Our campaign will bring together people from all over the state to fight for the needs of working families, and we will do it without corporate money. We know what we need to survive and neither of the two parties in Washington will get it done.


We need universal healthcare, tuition-free higher education, higher wages, and to end the war on drugs.


Check out our platform for working people, not Wall Street. We will be adding more platform and education to our website in the upcoming weeks. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or would like an issue addressed. 


This is no time to waste supporting the "Lesser Wall Street Evil”


Working people have been sold the lies of voting for the "lesser evil" for too long while the rich have only gotten richer. We must organize and fight for our interests and not back down. To to these aims we must build our own parties, organizations, and campaigns from the ground up. They may have the money but we have the people. No shortcuts.


I guarantee that this struggle will not end on November 6.


Any donations received by this campaign will go directly to the fight on the ground for building independent grassroots worker power and mobilization. We do not have the bloated campaign bureaucracy or party bosses. We are running this campaign, and you can join us. Together, we can win!

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